Disabled Accessibility Design
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 9:20:45 PM 

Disabled Accessibility Design

"Universal Designs" means architectural design with accessibility for all. At Nova Group, our long history of providing architectural services to the medical industry has shown us that architectural design for all means more than a few extra parking spots and a concrete ramp. Our designs are thoughtful, focusing on accessibility for everyone regardless of age, physical ability, mental and cognitive ability. Our approach uses the guidelines identified in the Americans with Disabilities Act and regulated through the various building codes as a foundation, but endeavor to refine and develop new ways to assist those with disabilities in the buildings and design concepts the firm produces..


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With more than 30 years experience, Nova Group's clients like SSM Health Care and Mercy Medical can count on accuracy, efficiency, safety, and on-time project completion.
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From gas stations to convenience stores, from hospitals to complete shopping centers, Nova Group has been changing the face of St. Louis and the Midwest since 1985.
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Nova Group brings our experience and entire skill set from our Medical and Commercial architecture and engineering projects to the Institutional and Residential industry.
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